Thursday, 30 March 2017

Another Yoga Update

Beads of sweat and another endorphin high from another great yoga class. I'm finished the second six-week run of vinyasa flow classes. I had intended to try a power flow class next week to see if my body is ready for it but I had bad back pain during the weekend and will need to allow time for my body to recover. It's a pity this setback happened but I'll try and keep my mind in a good place and drop in to vinyasa flow classes until I'm ready. Power flow classes are drop in and I paid for ten drop in classes tonight and was told it's valid until November. I intend using the card for the drop-ins during the next nine weeks. She takes a break for the summer in nine weeks time until September. Just as well because it's hot yoga and those intense heaters would take a lot out of you in the warmer summer months I'd say.
I go into how I got on in this evening's class with a bit more detail in my other, gluten free, blog if you want to check that out, eamonglutenfree dot blogspot dot ie (no need for the www) is the address I think.
Just want to say that yoga class is usually the highlight of my week and while my body isn't as flexible as I'd like it's putting my mind in a good place with a more positive outlook on life and learning to love myself a bit more.

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